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2017’s Hottest Homeware Trends March 04, 2017 14:00

Interior Design and Homeware Trends

As a follow up to our popular 2016 Hottest Homeware Trends, Eclectika brings you the stand out fashions for 2017’s interior trends. 


Velvet couch


I’m very excited about this trend because I am a BIG fan of velvet in interiors. It gives an instant feeling of luxe. Velvet covered couches and sofas as well as curtains will be everywhere this year. It’s incredibly versatile and looks equally at home on an antique Queen Anne chase lounge or a retro sofa with chrome legs.

Velvet quilt

 A cheaper alternative is to invest in a beautiful velvet quilt for your bed, cushions for your lounge or you can even get your DIY on and upholster a headboard for your bed (it’s not as complicated as you’d think). This kills two birds with one stone as Upholstered Headboards are also predicted to be popular in 2017.

Velvet cushions

Want to get thriftier? Whip out your sewing machine, source some cheap velvet from a secondhand store (or offcuts from a fabric store) and make a sash for your curtains.


Linen Furniture

Linen couch

You will see more linen covered couches, sofas, armchairs and headboards in stores, particularly in earthy whites, stone washed greys, tans and taupe. The great thing about linen is how unpretentious and ‘lived-in’ it looks, perfect for anyone wanting to create a relaxed and casual vibe in their home. Linen furniture will slot in nicely with anyone who has a Bohemian or Scandinavian styled home. But I have even seen it fit in with French shabby chic and a multitude of other styles depending on how the fabric is upholstered and the style of the furniture. The trick is making it work for you and your personality.


Flora and Fauna in Art

We have seen the emergence of some beautiful flora photography, often with a nod to wabi-sabi. Fading and dried flowers are featuring a lot in interior design and homeware store blogs and marketing. Watercolours of lush foliage or bold garden scenes such as the those by Leden Design (featured above) are proving to be very popular as we live increasingly sedentary lives with a screen in front of us.



In 2016 we enjoyed an influx of cacti and succulents into our homes. No longer the sad houseplants of students and no-fuss bachelors. Terrariums, like the one featured in the photo above by Nicci Goodin florist shows how cacti and succulents can look uber stylish as a stunning feature piece of your room. Sit them on your dining room table or breakfast bar. You’ll find guests won’t be able to help but admire them.

2016's Hottest Homeware Trends March 08, 2016 15:07

After hours and hours of scrolling through social media and flicking through home décor magazines Eclectika has gazed into the crystal ball for a few of 2016’s hottest homeware trends.

Pot Plants

Indoor pot plants

Bring the outdoors in with some leafy luxury. Not to worry if you have a black thumb, the ever-hardy cacti, succulents, terrariums and air plants are blowing up on Pinterest. If you’re worried about pairing them with the right pot then keep it simple and stick to white or black (it’s hard to go wrong), or even better, check out Eclectika’s range of Jute Printed Handmade Bags (coming soon) or our General Eclectic washable paper bags. Just pop any old house plant in the bag and say goodbye to unsightly plastic pots (saves you having to re-pot things too which can be a drag).

Marbled Metallic Wallpaper

Sounds a bit ritzy and over the top but when done well it looks incredibly lux. If you can find a wallpaper design combining two of the most popular trends (marbling and metallics) then you have hit the décor jackpot. Just exercise restraint with the rest of your décor.

 Gold marbled wallpaper 

Matte Black, Gold and Copper Tapware

Goodbye brushed silver, hello glam gold. There has been a huge increase in popularity of matte black, gold and copper in the kitchen and bathroom not just with accessories but tapware, sinks/basins and showerheads. We are only just starting to see the start of them trickling into the big chain stores.

Black shower head

Photo Ledges

Are you over floating shelves and tired of trying to arrange framed photos for a gallery wall at home? Well, photo ledges are 2016's equivalent of the new 'it' girl. 

 Photo ledges

They’re uber stylish and versatile and can easily be used for your favourite framed photos or when set low and in a series they can make a great reading nook for the kids. Just plop a beanbag or cushions nearby and set their favourite books on the ledges. 

Wooden Print Hangers

These often come with a sticky tape adhesive for a permanent display or strong magnets if you want to reuse it. While you can buy them in stores such as Hazy Prints Studio (like the one featured below), they’re not difficult to make if you’re a DIY or craft enthusiast. They just have a piece of twine or rope at the top to hang them. This is a great solution for art prints, posters, photos or kids art. Goodbye Blu Tack and your horrible oily residue that seeps through the paper ruining my prints!

Wooden print hanger


Now that you're armed with your homeware trend forecast it's time to go forth and decorate! Have fun with your homewares this 2016 and make sure you check out Eclectika's great range to set you on the right path to interior decor nirvana.

Designers Notebook 2 | Scandinavian December 26, 2015 13:20

Welcome to Post 2 of the Designers Notebook series!

The Scandinavian/Nordic style has been hot or a while now, and it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. 

Here we have compiled a quick list of ways to get the look for less

1. Craftsmanship and Functionality

Think high quality goods with attention to detail. This doesn't mean you have to blow your budget on designer only pieces, you can still get good quality pieces at affordable prices, just be picky and shop around. It's also important that any furniture you use is functional, if it can do double duty then that's even better e.g. a wooden chair being used as a bedside table, or a coffee table with loads of storage underneath.

2. Earthy Muted Tones

This includes whites, greys and blues. Try to keep your colour palette to no more than three colours that compliment each other. You can always add small pops of colour if you're finding the 'white' look too overwhelming.

3. Declutter

Choose a few key accessories, get rid of the rest or put them away for another day. If in doubt just repeat this mantra, 'minimal ornamentation, minimal ornamentation, minimal ornamentation'

4. Natural Fibres and Knits

Wool, chunky knits and animal hides all feature in Scandinavian homes. You want to create a cosy, warm environment so throw them over the sofas, arm chairs and the floor.

5. Blonde Wood and Whitewashing

Remember to keep walls and floors as white and bright as possible. If remodelling isn't possible, splash out on a large rug which ties in with the theme. Just keep it within the 'Earthy Muted Tones' mentioned above.

6. Light and Airy

Time to throw back those curtains and let in as much light as possible. If you're struggling to increase the amount of light in a room consider buying an oversized mirror, or a collection of mirrors as it will help to reflect any light that does manage to get in. White walls and floors will also help create that bright 'airy' feeling.

So if you are wanting the Scandinavian look check out the collage below for some must have items.

1. Cancun coffee table $599.00 (Freedom) 2. Large
White Cross Hook $27.20 (Eclectika) 3. Pointed Hanging Vase
Mint/White $48.00 (Eclectika) 4. Wash Paper Bag Cross
$20.00 (Eclectika) 5. Dipped Candleholder in White
$13.60 (Eclectika) 6. White sheepskin rug $35.00
(The Warehouse)

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Be in to win!!! December 05, 2015 19:44

Very pleased to announce that Eclectika's gorgeous Pointed Hanging Vase is now included in the Best Nest's Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway! 

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Have a fabulous weekend!


Designers Notebook 1 | Concrete December 02, 2015 23:36

Welcome to the first instalment of the Designers Notebook series. Here we deconstruct a particular trend or style so you can get the look at home for a fraction of the cost.

Today we are checking out concrete.

Concrete, no longer restricted to the garage floor, this versatile material has had a massive revitalisation in the last few years. We now see it as a feature in peoples homes, on their floors, walls, countertops and fireplaces.

And what's not to love!?! It adds a hint of industrial without making you feel like you're living in a warehouse. Polished up it looks clean and elegant without being fussy.

But don't worry, you can still enjoy the concrete look without having to shell out wads of cash to refinish your floors. There are loads of very cool concrete products out there and below are six of our favourites.  


1. White concrete house (Eclectika) 2. Rainbow Shades
(Julienrenaultobjects) 3. Large Lego Man (Shylo)
4. Leden Gold Concrete Pot (Collected) 5. Concrete
Square Tray (Alex & Corban) 6. Concrete Tea light

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Hello and Welcome! November 23, 2015 11:35

Hello and welcome to our blog. 


This blog is all about sharing information on the latest trends, great deals and what's hot in the interior design world. What makes this blog special is that we will actually be giving you a cross section of the best and brightest products from other stores, as well as Eclectika. We believe competition is good and hey, it's not all about trying to sell you 'our stuff'.

When we aren't beavering away at Eclectika H.Q we are also consumers and something we've noticed is how many stores will only ever promote their own products. I will also be updating you on what's going on with me outside of Eclectika so you can get to know me (Leah!) a bit better. But don't worry, promise their won't be any photos of what I'm eating for dinner or of my dog (ok, maybe a few of my dog). So stay tuned...

We are going to be putting a new post up each fortnight, so make sure you stop by regularly for more information on new products, sales, giveaways and promotions.

If you have any burning interior design questions or would like to see a post around a certain topic then just let us know. This is your blog too!

Thanks for dropping by.


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